Greyfriars Reimagined Podcast | Episode 2 – Mark Gardiner (with transcript)

In today’s episode, Alex is talking to Mark Gardner of Lincoln University about digital scanning of heritage buildings. This episode was recorded in early 2021. This podcast is part of Heritage Lincolnshire and City of Lincoln Council’s Greyfriars project, which aims to bring the Greyfriars building back into use. This project is funded by the…

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Watch: Greyfriars – A Place for Music

This amazing video was created by soundLINCS to showcase the musical potential of Greyfriars as a performance and events space. soundLINCS are an amazing not-for-profit organisation based in Lincoln who work nationally to create music making opportunities for a diverse range of people. All performances and production undertaken by soundLINCS staff and Music Facilitators. With…

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Graffiti at Greyfriars Undercroft – and not a sniff of Banksy

Close up of stone windowsill covered in cobwebs. Letters carved into the stone surface say “H.W.G. ARTSIDE”

Love them or hate them, graffiti is here to stay. Or rather it has been here a long, long time. Thanks to Heritage Lincolnshire, a great opportunity has arisen to search for and record historic graffiti at Greyfriars building in central Lincoln. Nine enthusiastic volunteers have been busy recording the graffiti under the guidance of Brian Porter,…

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The Greyfriars – the Franciscans in Lincolnshire

Gable end of the Greyfriars building with an oval shaped window and stone cross on the point of the roof.

The Greyfriars building off Freeschool Lane in Lincoln is one of the very few friary remains in Britain and one of the best preserved. The Orders of Friars first appeared in the early 13th Century, a new type of religious order dedicated to preaching, travelling around and living on charity amongst the people, as opposed…

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