Watch: Greyfriars – A Place for Music

This amazing video was created by soundLINCS to showcase the musical potential of Greyfriars as a performance and events space.

soundLINCS are an amazing not-for-profit organisation based in Lincoln who work nationally to create music making opportunities for a diverse range of people.

All performances and production undertaken by soundLINCS staff and Music Facilitators.

With special thanks to:

Production and post-production – CGA Thomson

Sound recording and programming – Eddy Mentzel

Still Photographs – Angela Clifton

Filming and editing – Andy Thomson

Harp/Vocals – Heather Benson

Guitar – Johnny Gillard

DJ – Eddy Mentzel

Guitar/Vocals – Max Sander

Dance/Violin – Serena Smith

Saxophone – Cliff Stanton

Base Clarinet – Helen Wallhead

Violin – Crauford Thomson